Welcome to the ADI-R / ADOS Trainers Site

Newly released, the ATC will act as a resource to top-level UMACC-certified trainers and the public at large, providing detailed information about training related to the ADI-R, ADOS and ADOS-2.

Visit us today to find:

    • Listings of UMACC-certified trainers
    • Upcoming trainings by trainer & location
    • CADB & WPS related information about the ADI-R and ADOS-2, frequently asked questions & pricing
    • Clinical & research reliable training on the ADI-R & ADOS-2 as well as data collection & quality assurance.
    • Plus, newly developed Training Models provided by J.Olson Consulting for achieving clinical competency, online supervision for establishing research reliability & singleton trainings.
    • Recent publications, press releases/news & updates on autism & its latest findings

Trainers will benefit through participation in online consensus coding discussions & as a shared resource for training materials.

  • New Training Models now Available!

    J.Olson Consulting was established to provide individualized training to clinicians & researchers with a depth and quality of detail that exceeds industry standards. Well established training standards & models exist and will continue to be the norm for use of the ADI-R and ADOS-2. Additionally now we have more advanced training models, flexible & distance learning models adapted to meet the needs of clinical researchers everywhere. Visit us today to learn more!