Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) Toddler Module

ADOS 2 Toddler Module

by Catherine Lord, Ph.D., Rhiannon J. Luyster, Ph.D., Katherine Gotham, Ph.D., and Whitney Guthrie, B.A.

The Toddler Module will be released by WPS May 12th 2012 as a part of the ADOS-2. This long-awaited Toddler Module was developed in response to the ADOS’ known over-inclusivity in young children with minimal expressive language whose developmental age fell below that of 18-months. As an extension of the ADOS-2 clinicians working with very young children, such as those in early intervention will see it’s utility as a further means of describing and documenting behavior of concern. Designed for use specifically with children between the ages of 12 and 30 months who do not yet use phrase speech, existing ADOS-2 module 1 activities and scoring has been revised along with new components added to more accurately identify toddlers at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

As with the ADOS-2 the clinician provides a social context and engages the toddler in highly motivating materials and activities to observe how the child communicates (through verbal or non-verbal means), plays and uses the materials presented, observing a range of behaviors noted in the literature as early indicators for ASD. The emphasis in this module however is in the toddler’s response more so than in their approach to the examiner’s bid’s to gain their attention.

As with each of the other ADOS-2 modules 1-4, clinical observations are immediately coded following their administration and these codes are converted onto an algorithm. However, unlike the remaining modules 1-4 of the ADOS-2, the Toddler Module does not provide a cutoff score or classification but rather notes the clinician’s “range of concern.” Appropriately so, these ranges of concern then help clinicians form clinical impressions, quantify risk for ASD and signal the possible need for continued monitoring without providing formal classifications of toddlers at such young ages.

ADOS-2 Toddler Module Trainings

Training on the Toddler Module of the ADOS-2 is now an included part of most Clinical and Research trainings.

  • Clinicians and researchers with no previous training on the ADOS will benefit from and should seek training from a UMACC-certified trainer on all five modules of the ADOS-2.
  • Clinicians and researchers previously trained on the ADOS who seek to be trained only on the Toddler Module of the ADOS-2 can receive 1-day Toddler Module training provided by a UMACC-certified trainer which can be formatted either for Clinical use only or by those who seek to obtain Research Reliability on the Toddler Module.
  • ADOS-2 DVD training packages are available through WPS and are especially useful as asupplemental aide for those seeking to learn more or achieve greater competence.  As always, those who intend to use the ADOS-2 (including the Toddler Module) in research must attend in-person training for all portions of the training (both the clinical and research days as well as now the toddler module).

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