On-Site Research Reliable Examiners

Specific standards of inter-rater reliability on the ADOS and ADI-R are now the expected norm in quality autism research and are critical given known variability in clinical diagnosis.  Achieving these standards of inter-rater reliability require time and dedication in a time-intensive process of taped administration, review and feedback.  For some this process requires several attempts and months of dedicated effort to achieve.  In response, some UMACC-trainers have been called on to collect on-site data (ADI-R and ADOS), assisting research teams who seek to use the ADOS & ADI-R in their research but lack access to research reliable examiners.  Instead we offer sites research reliable data collection on-site by our own qualified research reliable staff.  Individualized plans are available made to fit each study design allowing principal investigators peace of mind data can be collected as quickly as possible.

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  • New Training Models now Available!

    J.Olson Consulting was established to provide individualized training to clinicians & researchers with a depth and quality of detail that exceeds industry standards. Well established training standards & models exist and will continue to be the norm for use of the ADI-R and ADOS-2. Additionally now we have more advanced training models, flexible & distance learning models adapted to meet the needs of clinical researchers everywhere. Visit us today to learn more!